Resources for Safe Streets for Texans

SS4T Presentation Slide Deck [pdf]


SS4T Online Training Slide Deck [pdf]


C.R.I.S. TxDOT Crash Query Tool


FHWA Proven Countermeasures


Safe Streets for All Notice of Funding Opportunity


Vision Zero Network: Core Elements for Vision Zero Communities


US DOT National Roadway Safety Strategy


Texas Strategic Highway Safety Plan


Former Commissioner Laura Ryan video


USLIMITS2 – Modern speed limit setting methodology FHWA suggests using


Not sure how to get started advocating for your community to adopt Vision Zero, check out Farm&City’s The Texans’ Guide to Vision Zero Advocacy in your City, County & MPO [PDF]

The Farm&City Costs of Crashes Calculator


Youtube Instructions on how to use the Costs of Crashes Calculator


Collection of Farm&City “Steps to Vision Zero Video Series”


City of Austin Safe for All: 2023 Update


City of Houston Vision Zero Action Plan


H-GAC Regional Safety Plan
(See Appendix D for interesting maps of home zip code of person who caused crash)


El Paso Vision Zero Plan

Vision Zero Texas - We can end traffic Deaths in Texas

Vision Zero Texas works to prevent and end traffic deaths in Texas, and is a project of Farm&City – a 501(c)(3) think and do tank dedicated to high quality urban and rural human habitat in Texas in perpetuity.

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