Safe Streets for Texans

is a grant funded safety education training program designed to teach city, county and MPO staff about the Vision Zero / Safe Systems approach.

These four hour, in person trainings are held in partnership with local Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) are designed to provide a solid understanding the Vision Zero and Safe Systems approach to improving transportation safety and planning, and the Road to Zero Goal as adopted by the Texas Transportation Commission in 2019.

When adopted, an average of 10 people a day were dying on Texas roadways – sadly that average has risen. To help counter that trend, and support Texas in its efforts to reach the goal of zero traffic deaths by 2050, we developed a plan to engage MPOs across the state to teach local city and county staff and leaders about the Vision Zero / Safe Systems approach, so they might take advantage of the federal Safe Streets and Roads for all (SS4A) grant funding opportunities. This could be in creating Vision Zero Safety Action plans, or through implementation grants.


Texas leads the nation in traffic deaths.
By working together, Texas can lead the nation in ending traffic deaths.

Trainings are provided free of charge through our safety grant, and are designed primarily for city, county and MPO transportation and planning staff, but may be beneficial to local leaders, first responders and local advocates.

If you would like to learn more about these training opportunities, or to schedule a SS4T training, please contact us at


In response to popular demand, we have created a new set of online training opportunities from our in person trainings. We recognized that the full length training made it hard for some people to join us, and as such revamped the full length training to run just 2 hours. These 2 hour online training sessions are primarily intended for city, county and MPO staff, but may be valuable to local leaders, and others involved in the transportation planning processes. As with our full length trainings, these online trainings are provided free of charge through our grant funded Safe Streets for Texans project. Please sign up today as these live, online trainings will be available for a limited time only. We’ll see you online on Zoom at:

Vision Zero Texas - We can end traffic Deaths in Texas

Vision Zero Texas works to prevent and end traffic deaths in Texas, and is a project of Farm&City – a 501(c)(3) think and do tank dedicated to high quality urban and rural human habitat in Texas in perpetuity.

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