Every day, 12 families lose a loved one on Texas roads. ​​Another fifty people suffer life-altering injuries.

We want Safe Neighborhood Streets
We want a Statewide Hands Free Law
We want to Protect Pedestrians
We want to End Traffic Deaths

We need to change the Texas Transportation system to end traffic deaths, save lives, and end traffic violence.

Every City and County in Texas needs a goal to end traffic deaths. We need to fix our streets to make them safe for people young and old, of every background, who walk, skate, ride bikes, take transit or drive.

So, we’re heading to the Capitol to get this done. And you can help.

Texas leads the nation in traffic deaths. Texas can lead the nation in ending traffic deaths.

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We are working with volunteers, partner organizations and agencies all across the state

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Our goal is for every city and county across the state to adopt Vision Zero policies

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